Giclee Prints


Prints are printed on high quality Epson papers using Epson Ultrachrome inks that have a light-fastness rating of 60-80 years.

Price List - Matted prints:                                                                        

  1. Small - 5x7 (in 8x10 off white mat) - $20

  2. Medium - 6.6x10 or 8x10 (in 11x14 off white mat) - $50

  3. Large - 10x15 or 11x14 (in 16x20 off white mat) - $80

Larger sizes and different mediums are available.  Please inquire about pricing.

*Please note shipping and handling for small prints is $3 and $8 for medium and large

Metal Prints: Limited selection of images are available as metal prints. Please inquire about availability. Metal prints are limited edition.

1. 16x24 Framed - Editions of 10 - $300

2. 24x36 Framed - Editions of 7 - $750

Traditional Black and White Prints


A limited selection of images from the black and white galleries (marked BW) are available as silver gelatin prints.  Please inquire about availability.

Traditional black and white prints have an emotional depth and energy that is missing from the digital process as well as an unparalleled tonal range.

Prints are hand-printed by master printer Shozo Ushiroguchi using a traditional black and white dark-room (ie. Prints are dunked in water like in 80s police movies). 

Prints are printed full-frame on RC paper with a black border and are smaller than the paper size.

Price List:

  1. Small - 8x10 paper (actual image size is roughly 6x9) - $30

  2. Medium - 11x14 paper (actual image size is roughly 9x13) - $60

  3. Large - 16x20 paper (actual image size is roughly 13x19) - $120


General Info:

For all print orders please e-mail first to determine availability.  When inquiring about a print please list the Gallery, the caption (if available) and the number (ie. Nepal, Tibetan Prayer Flags, 9).  Availability will determine length of time needed for shipping.  If in stock, prints can be mailed within two business days.
Please note that color calibration varies from computer monitor to computer monitor and the actual print may vary slightly in color and contrast.

A print can be ordered via email (please see instructions above).

A selection of prints is also available for purchase on Etsy.
To purchase please visit:

Where to buy:


Kleno Tees:


A stylish line of t-shirts that are silk-screened by hand in Toronto.  The designs are based on photographs taken by Patrick Klauss - meditative moments on cotton.  The American Apparel cotton t-shirts are super comfy - great to wear out, to work out in or to just lounge around in.

To purchase please visit the kleno Etsy shop:

Kleno Dream Tee

Kleno Dream Tee

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Kleno Bayon Tee

Kleno 3 Dancer Hoodie

Kleno 3 Dancer Hoodie

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Kleno Bayon Original Tee

Kleno Baby Buddha tee

Kleno Baby Buddha tee